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  Mossadegh was a towering charachter, who had his solid basis deeply entrenched in his motherland, Iran. His ideals have been the foundation of every social movement, which has emerged in the country after him.

Mossadegh is a vast and borderless land of memory within the collective conscious of a nation, that gains a great part of its destructive and constructive power due to its historical and emotional memories.

His impact on the demise of colonialism was so immense and devastating, that even after his own fall, concerning the fragmentation that Mossadegh and the movement he led, had inflicted on it, it could never recover itself to its former hegemonic and dominating power.

Somebody had to step into history and crack the walls of the house of horror of colonialism. It was Mossadegh who did this successfully.

His true value, and consequently the appreciation of his agenda will only be revealed by the hands of time. The curtain of ignorance yet beclouds our vision and prevents us to understand him properly, hence with great loss and sorrow composed for all of us.

Mossadegh was a new experience, a new movement and a new victim in our history.

Extract from a speech given by the late Dariush Forouhar at Mossadegh´s resting place in Feb. 1979